Jessica Bryers — Graphic Designer based in Hamilton Ontario

Cartoon-Style character design

cartoon, character, illustration

Bold lineart and eye-catching colour and composition often define most of my cartoon style work. It’s my favourite and most natural style of illustration, though by no means defines everything I do.

I watch a lot of cartoons, along with millions of others, and like to think it positively influences my drawing styles.

ForPersonal work, gifts, commissions

A personal project highlighting my love for zombies and my own style of humour.

I love taking established characters or ideas and changing them to be more humorous, or unsettling in some cases. -Photoshop

Commissioned piece of the customer’s Shadowrun Character. The tattoo was my design as well. -Photoshop

I love the bizarre and outrageous. Creature and character design is one of my passions. -Photoshop

Functional illustration is another passion of mine. Graphic clothing and accessories have always been an exceptional way for individuals to express themselves at a glance. I'd love to tap into that market. -Photoshop

Design to be wrapped around a coffee mug! I wanted to keep it very whimsical and young. -Photoshop

Personal design idea for a monster you might encounter in the desert! -Photoshop

Kids will be kids. -Photoshop

Detail shot of my Dia de los Muertos 'Sugar Skulls' illustration. -Photoshop

Portal 2 fanart and textile design, personal project. -Photoshop

the only stipulation for this commission was that it be “weird”. -Photoshop